Balancing and Commissioning. Leave this to your MVHR/ MEV specialists

The Importance of Being Balanced

All MVHR systems need to Balanced in order to work to their full potential, maximise their economical efficiency and to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, water leakage and noisy airflows. Balancing a system involves tuning a system to ensure that all the airflows throughout the property are even. Thus, the amount of air extracted from your wet rooms is the same as the amount of fresh air provided to your living spaces. The amount of air required varies from property to property. Each has been calculated by the system designer using a very defined method and should not be adjusted. We have the necessary software to calculated these figures if not readily available.



Now that we have Balanced your airflows, we need to fine tune your system and ensure that certain criterias are met. During the boost mode your kitchen needs to extract 13 litres of per second, a bathroom needs to extract 8 litres per second and a WC 6 litres per second. This is important as not only does your kitchen contain the most 'unpleasant smells' but also contains the most FREE heat. This is the heat we use to temper the fresh air being brought into your home, so it is a win win situation.

Commissioning a system requires the use of calbrated aneometer. This is essential to be able to read accuratley the airflows throughout your home. The correct levels will have been achieved by adjusting the Diffusers (Ceiling Vents) a commissioning certificate can be issued.


Once all the above has been completed your property will comply with Part F of The Building Regulations (Ventilation) 2010. 


Warning. Once your system has been commissioned do not adjust the Diffusers as this will seriously affect your airflows and can lead to damage to your MVHR unit and even your home!! 

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